Being a card member can’t get any better with the Amazon credit card. In fact, with the Amazon credit card, purchase just got more interesting with rewards available for every purchase you make. These rewards are redeemable at

Amazon Credit Card


Amazon credit card have two main varieties;

  1. I) The visa co-branded cards

These cards are issued by Chase and can be utilized anywhere Visa is accepted. The visa co-branded cards have two different grades;

1)  Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards: This offers 2% discount on gas purchases, drugstores and restaurants and 1% discount on every other purchase. These rewards are

redeemable only at Amazon. Travel benefits include;

  • Travel and emergency assistance
  • Lost luggage reimbursement
  • Baggage delay insurance
  • Travel accident insurance
  • No foreign transaction fees

Other benefits of the card include; Visa Signature Concierge Service® and Visa Signature®  luxury hotel collection deals.

2)   Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card: This card has all the benefits of Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card with a 5% boost for all purchases. More benefits include;

  • Access to special financing on purchases of $149 and above
  • Access to 0% interest twelve months equal pay financing on some items on Amazon.
  • Access to six, twelve, or twenty-four months special financing.
  • Purchase protection and extended warranty. The membership fee is not required for both cards.
  1. II) The Amazon Store Credit Cards

These cards are issued by synchrony financial and are limited to use only for purchases. These cards also have two different grades;

1) store cards: This offers 3%  gain in any Amazon purchase and can only be used at They do not offer travel benefits nor Visa Signature Concierge.  Service®. This card is not a Visa-branded product, therefore rewards are not earned on any other type of purchase.

2)   Amazon Prime store cards: Just like the store cards, they can only be used at Amazon com. The benefits of this card are the same with that of the store cards and differ only in percentage earned while using the card, i.e, With this card, you earn 5% discount on Amazon purchases.

How To Apply For Amazon Store Credit Card

  • Go to
  • create an account if you are not a customer, or log in if you are already a customer.
  • Go to the choice of card you prefer/want.
  • Click on apply now.
  • Complete a short application form, then submit.

In no time, your application would be approved and you can begin making purchases and earning your rewards. Upon approval of your application, your Amazon credit card would be loaded automatically into your account.


Several terms and conditions must be met before an Amazon card can be issued to you. First, you must reside in the United States of America, have a U.S social security number ( SSN). You may use your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)  if you like. Your age grade must not also be below eighteen years old. In all this, you also have to be creditworthy, i.e, your credit rating must be satisfactory.


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