Amazon Store Card – Amazon is largest internet retailer in the world and was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 in the United States of America. What started off as an online bookstore soon diversified into video downloads/streaming, sales of electronics, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry. The Amazon store card is a recent introduction to amazons numerous products and services. The card enables buyers to get 5% of whatever they purchase online at the mega-store.

amazon store card

Amazon Store Card Application

Application for an Amazon store card is pretty easy all a customer needs to is

  • Go to store card and apply for it
  • Response time can be fast as 30 seconds
  • Approved applications will receive credit limit notifications
  • Card can be used immediately
  • If not approved after four weeks contact Synchrony bank
  • Full credit card number and credit line will be received within 7 to 10 business days

Benefits of Getting Amazon Store Card

There are numerous benefits of the Amazon card, especially for frequent Amazon shoppers. With the Amazon card, you can earn up to:

  • 5% on cart purchases of up to $149
  • 5% or financing for 6 months for purchases of $149 or more
  • 5% or financing for 12 months for the purchase of $599 or more
  • 5% or financing for 24 months on certain select Amazon products
  • 0% APR on specific purchases on Amazon for 12-month payment

The Amazon cards come with an APR of 26.24% and the card doesn’t charge an annual fee. The Amazon store card also carries a low credit limit.

The Amazon store card also offers you 5% of your cash back on all your purchases. It also gives you access to lots of bonus coupons, free shipping offers, and good discounts. You can also get a 10$ Amazon gift card if you sign up for a limited time. When you also apply for an Amazon store card, you get a response on time.

Amazon also offers you to an opportunity to pay for your purchase over the period of six months without interest. They offer free FICO score points and also charge no annual fees. Isn’t that cool? You get discounts and cash back at supermarkets, gas stations, and restaurants. Amazon has standby customer service to attend to all your questions and queries. You also get to access deals on Amazon’s Netflix like services and enjoy lots of music and movies. You don’t have to pay any foreign transaction fees also which is certainly a perk. Amazon store cards are secure and safe from fraud. You also get access to 24-hour concierge when you have an Amazon store card.

Eligibility For Amazon Store Card Application

AGE: You have to be over the age of 18 years to apply for an Amazon store card. This is the approved age to own a credit card

CITIZENSHIP: You should present the necessary identification when you apply. This will enable them to confirm that you are a citizen of the country it is issued from.

CREDIT SCORE: Once your credit score is of average level and your books are tidy, you are eligible.


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