American Express Gift Card – American Express is a financial company that is best known for credit cards business. The company started out as an express mail business in New York. Where it was a virtual company that handled express shipments throughout New York. This happened in a monopoly fashion as at the time, American Express was the only company that offered this service.

American express gift card

After a while, the company started expanding its shores nationwide. It went into an affiliation with other express, railroads and steamship companies. Its first shift into the financial world happened in 1857 when it launched it money order business. This business was launched and soon became the competitor of the existing US post office’s money order.

In 1891, the company introduced the traveler’s cheque business as a result of the difficulty J. C. Fargo experienced when he to Europe.  This shift in the business opened them to being recognized as an international company. The company continued to expand until it went fully into investment banking in 1980.

Ever since, American Express has dedicated its resources towards making it easier, safer and more rewarding to exchange goods and services. Consumers and businesses can now purchase what they need and merchants can easily sell what they have. As the engine of commerce in the global world today, they provide innovative payment, travel and expense management solutions. The solutions are usually for both individuals and businesses alike. They ensure the customers realize their dreams, access unique experiences while achieving more.

Types Of American Express Gift Card

American Express has a strong, global presence across the entire payments chain as the world’s largest card issuer. They house credit cards for both high-spending card members and even start-up businesses. They process millions of transactions daily and partner with other companies to provide merchants with great business services worldwide.

This is why they have the business gift cards and the personal gift cards.

Business gift cards: Come with different designs and reward packages. The popular design cards and custom message cards are delivered within 2-4 business days. And all cards have the value of $25 – $3,000. All depending on the kind of customizing needed.

Personal gift cards: Comes in a popular design or a personalized design. They are delivered within 2-4 business days. And all cards have the value of $25-$3,000. All depending on the kind of customizing needed.

How To Apply For An American Express Gift Card

American Express is a unique and powerful financial services company. And their direct relationships individuals and businesses worldwide has given them the leading-edge capabilities. Before buying any of the gift cards, ensure you know the following:

  • No other fee or inactivity fee is billed on the card after purchase
  • You can obtain a free replacement when your card’s validity ends
  • No valid business name and address is needed during purchase
  • Minimum order value is $25
  • Any order value of $100,000 or more goes through 1-800-316-4420
  • Ensure to read the American Express Business Gift Card Cardholder Agreement and Business Purchaser Terms and Conditions

To fully buy a business or personal gift card from American Express, follow the steps below

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘shop cards’ option
  • Alternatively, click on ‘Shop Custom Message Business Gift Cards’ or ‘Shop Personalized Gift Cards’
  • Select your preferred card value between $25 – $3000
  • Indicate the quantity of cards you need
  • For custom cards, indicate your custom messages
  • Check the box that says ‘I understand the message displayed on the preview image will appear on ALL Cards in the order and is subject to American Express approval’
  • Proceed to checkout page
  • A Purchase Fee of $3.95 per Card applies to all cards
  • Complete purchase payment and
  • Wait for your cards to be delivered to your doorstep

America express is a trusted brand and they ensure to provide dedicated customers service 24/7, around the world.


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