Citi Simplicity – Many people think getting a credit card is the life hack you need to build your credit score, this is entirely not true. Before you dive into getting a credit card, carefully decide whether or not you really need one. Without a credit card, you can still build your score, this is why most issuers are expanding their rewards. Citi simplicity is a credit card from Citi Inc. The card was introduced to entice consumers to follow the credit card rule for building credit scores.

citi simplicity

Even when it is known that you can get by without a credit card, the credit card option doesn’t entirely spell badly. It can be a useful tool when used properly. If used wrongly, you can fall into the credit card trap. This implies that owning more than one credit card at a time is not a wise decision.

Citi simplicity brings all the goodness of all the credit cards to one card in order to promote 1 credit card at a time. If you are looking to manage the interest rates on the balance you carry each month, this is the one stop shop for that.

Citi simplicity comes with thousands of features offering a plus side and downside options like:

  • No Late Fees Ever: It is the best balance transfer option to consider when opting for a credit card. It gives the longest introductory interest-free periods in the market. It offers 0% interest-free period for 21 months alongside a $0 annual fee, no late fees and no penalty APR.
  • Balance Carry Fees: When you move a balance to the simplicity card, you get to pay a $5 or 3% of total transfer. The good thing is you decide between both payment options for one that best suits you.
  • No Rewards: Considering it gives the 0% interest rate on carried balances, there are no extra rewards attached to the card.

Features Of Citi Simplicity

Savings: The simplicity credit card offers you saving options using the Citi Price Rewind feature. Here, the feature searches for a lower price on the registered items you bought. At the end of the search, if a lower price is found within 60 days of purchase, the difference will be rewarded back to you.

Protection: This feature works with the Citi Identity Theft Solutions attached to your credit card. Compromised accounts will be identified, police reports will be filed and the theft will be resolved all on your behalf. The protection extends to

  • Travel Protection when you use your credit card through authorized merchants for payment.
  • Purchase Protection that gives you extended manufacturer’s warranty when you make purchases and
  • $0 Liability on Unauthorized Charges that protects you from a charge that you did not authorize.

Convenience: The card is a convenient option as it provides 24/7 Customer Service about any uprising question with your account. The customer service number is inscribed on the back of your credit card.

Alerts: Auto account alerts help you stay informed and stress-free on info’s about your transactions. All you have to do is set up alerts, and you will be reminded about balance, due payments and credit limits.

Syncs: You can sync your card with your Apple devices for easier payment methods. With a simple touch, you can easily pay in over 200,000 stores using Apple’s iPhone6 and all current devices.

Schedules: You can choose to pay your bill on any date suitable to you. When you set due dates, you can easily pay up by a minimum or full balance each month.

With the Citi Simplicity credit card, you are at an advantage of a low APR on balance transfers and purchases. There’s also no late fees attached, no penalty rate and no annual fee for every consumer.


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