How To Create Facebook Account on Android Device – Creating a Facebook account on your Android device enables you to update your status, share links and photos, write private messages (through Facebook Messenger), comment on friends updates, ‘Like’ pages and comments and configure your Facebook profile from your Android device.

Create Facebook Account

Facebook integrates smoothly with the Android operating system. With a flawless notification system and the convenience of sharing links to Facebook through any app on your device.

Also on offer, is a shortcut button, which enables Android users to add a status update, posting a photo and checking in to a place. Also, there is a search button which enables you quickly look for something anywhere on Facebook.

Steps To Install Facebook App

  1. Tap open the Google Play Store, which is the triangle three color icon app drawer on the home screen
  2. Click the search bar and type “Facebook”. A list of results pops up.
  3. Click “Facebook”. This is the blue icon containing a white “f”.
  4. Click on “Install”
  5. Click on “Accept”. After this, Facebook will install on your Android. After the installation is complete, the “Install” button changes to “Open”, and a Facebook icon will be added to the app drawer.

Create Facebook Account

  1. Tap open Facebook. This is the blue icon with a white “f” in the app drawer
  2. Click on “Create new Facebook Account” green button.
  3. Click “Next”, and you will be prompted to confirm some security settings.
  4. Agree to the security prompts, which ensures that Facebook is able to run on your phone or tablet.
  5. Fill in your name and click “Next”
  6. Fill in your birthday and click “Next”
  7. Click “Yes”
  8. Choose a gender and tap “Next”
  9. Fill in your email address and click “Next’. If you opt to sign up with a mobile phone number, click “Sign up with a mobile number”, thereafter fill in your number on the next screen.
  10. Fill in a password and click “Next”. The Terms and Privacy window will appear
  11. Go thru the terms and click “Sign Up”
  12. Click “Save Password”. This enables you not to enter your password every time you sign into Facebook
  • If you require a password for login, click “Not Now” instead
    1. Upload a profile photo, by tapping “Take a Photo” to use the camera on your device or “choose from Gallery” to upload one from the gallery
  1. Click on “Get Started”. This enables the app to access your contact to locate potential Facebook friends
  • If you do not desire to add contacts, click “Not Now”
  1. Fill in the confirmation code and click “Confirm”. If you signed up with an email address, open the email from Facebook to get the code. If you entered a mobile phone number, you will receive it in the text message
  2. Click on “OK”. You are now signed in to your new Facebook account.

After all these steps have been completed, you can now start making use of your new Facebook account on your Android device.

To create a Facebook Account on Android device seems difficult to a lot of people before now, Even a friend once told me that if it’s not on desktop(PC) it is not possible to create Facebook Account which actually led me to coming up with this write up. Hope I helped you with it .


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