It is advised that before you embark on the journey to create Facebook group,  make sure you have an original idea for the group. This will drive out a message to the public on what the group stands for or is all about.

Create Facebook Group

Steps To Create Facebook Group Simple and Fast

To create Facebook group should not in any way be a hard nut to crack as it has been made so simple in the steps below.

  1. Login into Facebook if you already have an account. If not create an account if you don’t have one yet.
  2. Enter in some keywords for your group idea in the “Search” box in the left column.
  3. Tap “Profile” at the top, then tap “Info” from your profile.
  4. Navigate to the bottom. To the right of the Groups section, tap “See All”
  5. Tap “Create a group” at the top of that page
  6. Name your group. Let the name be distinct and straightforward. If the name is too complicated, nobody will find it and your membership in the group will be limited
  7. Invite your friends by choosing them from your current friend list or entering their name into the box that is provided, bearing in mind to pick people who will have the same interest in your group. Tap
  8. Analyze your group in the “Description” area. Here you need to be very detailed, as keyword searches will match anything you have written in this text box.
  9. Enter your contact information. You can decide to add things like street address and telephone number in the description, or you can just set up a Facebook email for your group
  1. Select your privacy settings, by creating an open group. Anybody will have access to see posts or join the group. A closed group will only enable invited members to see posts or join, but anyone on Facebook can search the group. A private group on the other hand only allows those invited to see the group, including all its members and posts
  • Also, you can take this time to select the membership approval and posting permission options.
  1. Tap “Save”
  2. Roll over the top bar of the group, and tap on the image of a photo at the top right and select,”Upload photo”.
  3. Select a network. This step will only come up if your Facebook has not yet switched over to the timeline
  • Do you want your Facebook group to be accessible only to those in your region or school? If this is the case, select the region or school from the drop-down lists of networks to which you belong
  • Do you want your group to be accessible to everyone on Facebook? If this is the case, select “Global”
  1. Select a category and a sub-category. This too is only an option if you have not yet switched to timeline. Here you need to be specific, as those who are surfing the net will only locate your group only if it is in the right category.

How to get people to join your Facebook Group

  • Make your group information-rich so as to entice people to join
  • Turn your page into a community, allow discussions and upload photos and videos
  • Make your group public, by allowing anyone on Facebook to join your page
  • Make use of existing Facebook friends, by reaching out to your current friends on Facebook
  • Use your email contacts, by sending invites to your friends on Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail
  • Keep your content as current as possible to make your group more lively and active.


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