Connecting with your audience on Facebook can be done through starting a dedicated Facebook group. Facebook business group, helps you stay focused on talking to your customers, and sharing content they will appreciate.

Facebook Business Groups

Facebook groups can now be linked to pages, thereby adding real value to your business.

A Facebook group does not necessarily need to replace your business page, but instead, it can provide another avenue for your community to locate and engage with you.

A Facebook group, is more like a “Fan page” for your most committed customers, and can be used as a way of adding more value to your product. Unlike a business page,  Updates from your Facebook group, only shows up in the news feeds of members. Thus your group members need to work together.

Note; By actively promoting your group to your fans, if it’s something they are able to join in, enables you leverage your group and your page at the same time.

How to create a Facebook Business Group

Before you begin the Facebook business group creation, here are the types of Facebook groups offered by Facebook;

  • Public
  • Closed
  • Secret

Make sure you choose the one that best suits your goals and audience.

  1. Visit the This is at the top right, locate the green “Create Group” button and tap on it, and thereafter, you will be prompted to choose your group’s goal.

Choose “Connect and Share”, as your goal is to connect with group members and provide ongoing support.

  1. Next you will be required to give your group a name. This is a very important step as the name of your group tells it all. Thus make sure it is a name that will resonate with your audience.
  2. Here you have the opportunity to add your first members to the group, invite people you know will have an active interest in your business, this may include your colleagues or a supportive friend. It is advised that you hold on with adding any potential customer to the group until you are done setting it up, because we know you will want them to see the group at it’s best.
  3. Lastly, choose your group’s privacy setting. Public groups are open to all, closed groups can be found by anyone, but only members can view post. Secret groups are secret, only members can view the content of a secret groups post.
  4. Add a description to your group. Use this to describe what the group is all about, who it’s for and how Facebook users can benefit by being a member. Here, you also have to choose a cover photo for your group, it is advised, you choose one that clearly reflects your services.

It is advised, that you create an image that makes the group appear inviting, while concurrently featuring your company logo or tagline to “brand” it as your own.

  1. This final step requires you to promote your Facebook group to encourage users to join. You can try this using the following;
  • Include the link to your group in newsletters or correspondence with existing customers
  • Post about your group on your social media pages and pinning the post or tweet for extra visibility.
  • Use paid “ boosts” to promote posts about the group
  • Directly invite people who may be interested.

How to keep your Facebook Business Group up and running

You can try doing the following to keep your members engaged;

  • Post new contents regularly
  • Share other peoples content
  • To build relationships and recognition, use Facebook features such as Facebook Live
  • Use ads to promote and attract new members to your group.


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