Facebook Chat History – Communications you engage in on Facebook are preserved in your Facebook chat history and can easily be found any time you feel like digging into your archive.

Facebook Chat History

Even though Facebook does not have an official history section where all your messages are stored, you can still find the history logs for specific messages and search thru them.

Here we bring you a guide on how to look thru your Facebook Chat History.

How to Search Thru Your Facebook Chat History

Your Facebook instant messages history, are stored within each thread or conversation, but it depends on whether you are using a computer or mobile device to help locate the message you are looking for.

Facebook Chat History From Computer

  1. On Facebook, tap “Messages” at the top of the page, close to your profile and Home link
  2. Select the thread for which you need the history
  3. That specific thread will open up at the bottom of Facebook, where you can navigate up and down through the past messages.

If you require more options, tap the small gear icon close to the Exit button on that conversation to enable you;

  • Include other friends in the conversation, delete the whole conversation, or block the user
  • Select “Open in Messenger” to make the whole conversation fill the Facebook page and have the option to look thru the old Facebook messages.

Facebook Chat History – Open in Messenger

Messenger also offers ways to which you can use to locate old Facebook messages

  1. Tap open the conversation you wish to find a word in
  2. Select “Search” in conversation from the right side
  3. Enter something into the search bar that pops up at the top of the conversation, and then tap “Enter” on your keyboard or tap “Search” on the screen
  4. Make use of the up and down arrows on the top left corner of the conversation to each instance of the word.

From a Tablet or Phone

If you are using your phone or tablet, the process is quite similar, only that it requires the Messenger app;

  1. From the “Messages” tab at the top, choose the thread you desire to look thru
  2. Swipe up and down to cycle through older and newer messages

How to Use the “Search Bar” to Find specific keyword in any Message

The search bar at the very top of Messenger’s main can be used to locate a specific keyword in any message. Here is how it’s done;

  1. Click the search bar
  2. Type in some text to look for
  3. Click search message from the top of the results to view which conversations include that word and how many entries match the search term
  4. Choose the conversation you wish to look thru
  5. From there, choose which instance of the word, you want to read more context for
  6. Messenger will open up to that location in the message. If it does not come out exact, and the word you searched for is not found, navigate up and down a little to locate it


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