Facebook Dating – Easier avenues for dating have been provided by Facebook. Facebook dating makes it easier for you to make friends with your friends and also meet new people.

Facebook dating

On the Facebook dating platform, you can look up a potential date on Facebook to see if you have any mutual friends in common. This mutual grounds might be legitimate, thereby giving you a clue on what kind of person your hitting on.

On this platform, you can also have a conversation after you’ve arrived at the conclusion of dating exclusively if you’re going to change your relationship status from “Single” depending on how your partner feels about it.

The Facebook dating platform also enables you to post pictures of your amazing self, gorgeous places visited, awesome meals are eaten. But make sure these pictures are authentic and not in anywhere offensive to the public or a relationship ready party. Thus it is advised that you post pictures that people will readily relate with.

Pictures of you and your partner having a nice time at the beach, restaurant or any leisure resort can also be posted. But before this is done, there should be a mutual agreement before each one is tagged.

Facebook Dating – How to date on Facebook

  • Clean up your photo closet: No body wants to have any serious dealings with someone who is a pervert, sex fiend or stripper or looks like one in photos. Thus it is advised that you clean up any incriminating photos you may have of the past.
  • White-paint your wall: You are advised to clean up your wall of every offensive posts. While watching out for what you post in future. Posting offensive posts, on your wall might put the person you are trying to hit on off.
  • Add new and more friends to your friends list: You will have access to more dating prospects by widening your circle of friends. Go thru all the names you can think of, and let Friend Finder help you import your email address book.
  • Watch and see what goes on in the circle of your Friends of Friends: If any friend of your friend meets your fancy, a comment can be left in response to hers, not just to the original status update. You can also look up the profiles of your friends’ friends. You can also ask for an introduction to be made, but be sure to keep the conversation straight and simple to avoid being seen as a stalker.
  • Send a Friend Request: Since you’ve been dropping some response to the comments he/she made, you will come across as a familiar name to the person. Thus when your friend request pops up, you are likely to be accepted. Please note, “don’t poke”, it sounds creepy. After your friend request has been accepted, you can like and comment on the persons status update and photos and IM the person. If they react open and friendly enough to your online advances, a step can be taken further and a message sent, asking to go out sometime.
  • Let it go: Now if it doesn’t work, let it go, and please don’t resort to stalking. It may be appreciated.


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