Facebook Events Page, provides a platform which brings people together with Facebook events. It enables a user to connect to his/her audience and empowers them to spend time together in the real world.

Facebook Events Page

It is estimated, that 490M people, use Facebook page events each month. 41% of users in the U.S. engage with public events each month. 38M public events were created in 2016 and 35M people view a public event each day.

Creating an event on Facebook, enables you to gain an opportunity to publish an item on your Facebook page to publicize just about any event. This can last one or two hours to several months, as well as recurring events.

Events item can include photos, videos, images of yourself or your group, information about location, time, date, and even details about the events happening.

Facebook events van also be virtual, not just physical.  Your friends can also be invited to your event, and you, in turn, asked to invite their friends, and even collect RSVPs. Facebook events, are also indexed by search engines.

How to create Facebook Events Page thru your Fan Page

  • Tap “Create an Event” at the top of your Page’s timeline.
  • Add an event video and photo, thereafter, fill in your event’s name, location and frequency ( like once, weekly, or recurring event)
  • Tap “ Publish”. Also, you can either tap and choose “Save Draft” or “Schedule” to save a draft of your event or choose a date and time in the future, that you want your event to publish.
  • Note; all events hosted by pages are public

Editing the Event

To edit your event if circumstances changes, the event can be easily edited thus;

  1. Tap “Events” on the left side of your page
  • Tap the name of the event you wish to edit
  • Tap “Edit”
  • Edit the event, then tap “Save”

To Add Cohosts to Events

  • Tap “Edit” at the top right of the event
  • Navigate down to “Options”
  1. Next to Cohosts, tap on the “Add Friends” and enter in their names
  • Tap “Save”

Note; Friends won’t be shown as Cohosts of the event on the event page, but can still edit the event.

How to create a Facebook Events Page on Mobile

  1. Tap open Facebook, if you aren’t logged in, fill in your email address (or phone number) and password before proceeding.
  • Click the Square box at the top right corner of the screen (for Android) or at the bottom-right corner of the screen ( for iPhone)
  1. Click “Events”
  • Click “Create”
  • Choose an event type. Either private, public or group event
  • Fill in the name of the event
  • Upload photos for the event
  • Add time for the event
  • Add location4. Add a description
    5. Edit other event options
    6. Click “Create”


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