Facebook Fan Page, provides avenues where entities like businesses, organizations, celebrities and political figures represent themselves on Facebook.

It is a great tool for a freelancer or home business. Facebook Fan Page helps grow businesses, by enabling users to keep in touch with customers.

Facebook Fan page

Fan pages are visible to everybody on the internet by default, enabling them to connect and receive updates from a page by becoming a fan. This page enables community organizations and other entities create an authentic and public online presence on Facebook.

Advantages of having a Facebook Fan Page

  • Facebook Fan Page is visible to unregistered users and are indexed in search engines.
  • Facebook Fan page is preferred for long-term relationships with fans, readers or customers.

How to create a Facebook Fan Page

Note: Before you proceed to create a Facebook Fan Page, authenticity is the bedrock of a fan page on Facebook. Thus, just as profiles should represent real people and real names, so too should pages for entities. This implies that only the official representatives of a public figure, business, or organization should create a fan page on Facebook.

  1. Visit the Facebook.com/pages, and tap on the green “Create a page” button in the upper right. Thereafter choose which category your business is: local business, or place, company, organization or institution, brand or product, artist, brand or public figure, entertainment, cause or community. ( if in doubt of which category you belong to, choose company, organization, or institution.

Tap on the large square corresponding to your business type, and you will be asked to fill out some information.

This information varies based on which category you picked.

Once you’ve completed this procedure, tap “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms”, and tap the blue “Get Started” button.

  1. This requires selecting a profile picture, fill out your about section, and set up your Facebook Web Address.

When deciding on your profile picture, be sure to pick an image that is 180px by 180px. Immediately it is uploaded the image will show on your fan page at about 165px by 165px

Immediately you’ve either uploaded your profile picture or imported it from your website, tap “save photo” and tap next, I’d you desire to leave your picture blank, for now, it’s alright to tap the “Skip” button for now.

Thereafter you will be required to fill out some basic information about your business. While filling in your basic information, consider being clear and concise while also including keywords important to your business.

Type in your website URL and if you have a question, with a yes and no radio button present, be sure to tap yes, then tap “Save Info”.

Finally, you’ll want to set up your Facebook pretty link. This link enables your potential customers to find you. Thus make it short and memorable.

Facebook will advise you use your business name you entered earlier, but if that name is complicated or hard to recall, you might consider something shorter and more memorable.

Tap “Set Address”.

  1. Use your admin panel, only the fan page administrators can see the admin panel. The admin panel highlights core pieces of your page including notifications, new people who have liked your page, and insights which will tell you how well your fan page is doing.

Additionally, make use of the “Edit page” navigation option to update your info or add new administrators. The “Build Audience” navigation option can also be used to start inviting people to your page.

  1. Here now you can fill up your page with content through storytelling. This step is what decides how successful your page will be, it also takes the most time.

Focus on filling your page with status updates, milestones, images, videos and other content that shares value with your fans and tells your brand story.

You can also add in a cover photo to enable you build your brand. The cover photo should be 851px wide by 215px tall.

  1. Create custom tabs to generate leads, traffic, and sales. Once you’ve delivered amazing content through your fan page wall, start implementing strategies to drive traffic, leads, and sales from your page.

One tab focusses on collecting email leads from your fan page, whilst one will focus on capturing more traffic, and one will enable you to sell your products.

This info was brought to you as we feel that Facebook Fan page will give an edge in your industry. Have a great time as we will bring more detailed info that will help you grow your business page.


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