Facebook Friend List enables you to organize your friends on Facebook. With this list, you can filter the stories displayed in your Newsfeed or post an update for specific persons. This can be your coworkers or friends who reside near you. Friends can also be added or removed from this lists at any time.

Facebook Friend List

How to use lists to organize your friends on Facebook

Lists can be used to organize your friends on Facebook thru the following medium;

  • Close Friends: These are friends, you may want to share exclusively with. Your intimated with notifications, when they post, but can also turn these notifications off at any time.
  • Acquaintances: These are people you may want to share less with. You can decide to exclude these people, when you post something, by opting on the “Friends except Acquaintances” in the audience selector.
  • Restricted: This is a feature for people you have added as a friend, but just don’t want to share with. When someone is added to your restricted list, they can only view your public content or any posts of yours that you tag them in.
  • Custom lists can also be created to organize friends as you choose. Here, you choose who goes into these lists and what (if any) privacy restrictions apply. Note: when you add your friends to the custom lists, they don’t get notified.

How to create a Facebook Friend List

To get started on creating a Facebook Friend List, follow the following guidelines;

  • On your Facebook home page, navigate down to the left sidebar to the friends section.
  • Hover over the word “Friends”, and tap the “More” button. Thereafter your news feed changes to show you the lists you currently have.
  • Tap on the “Create List” button. A new dialog box will appear.
  • You can now name your new lists and add members. Start entering the name of the person you want to add, and Facebook will begin listing your friends with that name. Select the right person from the list and begin typing the next name. Keep on with this, until your list is complete
  • Tap the “Create” button. Facebook automatically switches to a news feed displaying the updates from just the people on your list.

When a new friend request is accepted on Facebook, you’re immediately taken to that person’s personal profile page. To add your new friend to a particular list, tap the Friends button ( it can be seen under their big cover photo). Now from the options, select the list you want to add this friend to. You can also opt to create a new list to add them to.

How to Edit your Friend Lists

Follow this guide, if you want to change your lists;

  • Hover over “Friends” in your sidebar and tap “More” to get to your main Friend List page.
  • Tap the name of the list you desire to manage
  • Tap the “Manage List” button at the top of the page.
  • From the menu, select the action you wish to take. Your list can be renamed, edit which friends are on the list, select the type of updates that show up in the list, or delete the list.

Note: Default Facebook lists can be deleted


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