Facebook Friend Request – Are you new to the Facebook social media platform, and wish to send and accept Facebook friend requests?. Then you can follow the guidelines given below to find yourself new friends by sending and accepting new friends request on Facebook to engage with on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Friend Request

How to send a Facebook friend request

  • As you locate the person you think you want to add, tap on the face. This navigates you to the person’s timeline. At the bottom right corner of the cover photo, is an Add Friend button. For this person to be added as a friend, tap the Add Friend button. Tapping, this button sends a friend request. If your friend request is accepted by the person sent to, you become friends with the person.

Note: You can’t become friends with someone until he/she confirms your friend request. After this is confirmed, you will be notified by a red flag that appears above the notifications icon in the blue bar on top.

How to accept a Facebook friend request

When a new Facebook friend request is received, it is represented by a little red flag icon which appears over the friend’s icon in the big blue bar on top of each page.

Your notifications of new friend request may also come thru your e-mail or on your phone. The number on the red flag indicates how many friend requests are pending.

  • Tap the confirm button, to accept a friend request. To reject the request, tap not now.
  • When you tap “Not Now,” Facebook may ask you if you know that person outside of Facebook. i.e., is this friend request from someone you know or don’t know.
  • If you tap “No” implying “I have no idea who this person is,” Facebook prevents that person from friending you again in the future.
  • If you tap “Yes,” implying “ ”Yes” I know this person but am not comfortable with him going thru my stuff.” Here Facebook hides the request. This helps you go back to it in the future if you wish and confirm it.
  • Going back to hidden friend request, requires you opening the friend request menu and tapping the “See All at the bottom of the menu” tab. This navigates you to a page where all your outstanding requests (including hidden ones) appear. Here you can then confirm or permanently delete a friend request.

How to access hidden Facebook friend request

Hidden friend request can be accessed by going to the Timeline of the person who sent the request. There, the Add Friend button is replaced with a tab to accept the Friend Request, tap on this button, to become official Facebook friends with the person.

Tapping the “Not Now” button

Sometimes, people bother about tapping the “Not Now” button. If in doubt of what to do, it advised, that you leave the request untouched. But don’t hesitate to tap the “Not Now” button for someone you don’t want to consider a friend. This person won’t get notifications from Facebook that the request was ignored.

I Think with this little piece, No one should have anything confusing about accepting and rejecting Facebook Friend requests. Have a great time with your new Facebook friends.


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