The Facebook Gameroom is a place to play, watch, and share games. This standalone app enables you to play your favorite Facebook games, without accessing the Facebook site through a web browser. It is a new PC gaming desktop app for gamers to easily discover, play and share the games they love.

facebook gameroom

With the Facebook-Gameroom app, players can access the games they already play on the social media site and browse menus of other games.

FacebookGameroom divides game suggestions into genres, with other recommendations depending on the user’s favorite games. This stand-alone app enables players to save time, by creating desktop shortcuts to favorite games instead of tapping thru the website.

Facebook Gameroom can be played on Windows PC, Android etc.

Pros of Facebook Gameroom

  • Offers faster, smoother experience.
  • Provides convenient shortcuts
  • Personalized recommendations.
  • Facebook Gameroom focuses on gameplay for players, offering an exclusive and immersive gaming experience.
  • Developing Gameroom native games requires less time, it gives better solutions around threading, debugging, networking and memory management
  • Facebook Gameroom offers better performance when it comes to app launch timings and memory consumption in native games.

How to Install Facebook Gameroom

  • Log into a computer running Windows 7 and above, to install Facebook Gameroom.
  • Visit and tap “Download Gameroom”
  • Adhere to the instructions to download and install Gameroom.

After all these steps have been followed, all your Facebook games will automatically appear in Gameroom with your existing levels and rewards.

  1. Alternatively, users can visit in any browser and download the exe installer file and install from the setup.

Once the Facebook-Gameroom has been successfully installed, all your Facebook games will automatically appear in Gameroom with your existing levels and rewards.

Games available in the Facebook Gameroom includes like shooters, strategy titles, puzzlers and casual games for trial. These games are categorized into arcade, shooter, adventure, racing etc.

How to play Facebook Gameroom Games

  • Play the Facebook Gameroom game of choice, by just tapping on play now and a screen pops up demanding of your permission to continue with your Facebook name to launch the app.
  • Choose the category of game you will like to play
  • Tap on your game of choice
  • Tap on play now and a screen will pop up asking you for permission to continue with your Facebook name
  • Tap continue and the game will start downloading which you can start enjoying as soon as the download is complete.
  1. New games can also be played by tapping on the categories panel in the app. You will be asked permission to proceed after which the game will be downloaded freely for you to play and share the games you love.


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