The benefits that accrue with having a Facebook page cannot be overemphasized. It is an excellent tool for meeting up with and building relationship with customers and fans.

facebook page

Facebook page enables you to grow your brand because it creates a platform where customers can actually purchase items directly from your page depending on your type of business.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

  1. Sign up

This requires you proceeding to the web page, once there, tap the “CREATE PAGE” button in the top right corner. You will be offered several type business options ranging from local business, brand, or public figure. Choose the type of business you are creating the page for, if your business type falls into more than one of the category options, select that which best aligns with it.

Immediately, you will be asked what kind of business category you are in, along with some other details that will vary based on your business type. Choose the one that best suits you, fill out other required fields, and tap next.

Note: in case you don’t have a personal Facebook account, you will be required to create a new login.

  1. Your Details

In this section, you are required to fill in the kind of business you run. Note, you can only add three categories, so make certain you are as accurate as possible

The next field enables you to tell people about your business.

Lastly, add your URL and confirm if or not your business is real or not.

  1. Here you are required to add a picture, choose where you want to upload the image from i.e. your computer or the web ( and make sure you have full rights to the image).
  2. Add to your favorites

This step is optional, but if you have a personal Facebook account that you use regularly, adding your Facebook for Business Page to your favorites, enables you to relate easily between the two accounts.

  1. Add your audience

Now Facebook needs to know, where you are? who are your customers? in order to make it easy for the audience to find you. You can choose location, preferred gender(s) and their interest as it relates to your business, do that, so the type of people visiting your Facebook page can be filtered.

  1. Your page opens up

Now, your page is alive, though a bit sparse, you will be required to take a quick tour through a few of the features. Here depending on the type of business you are involved in and what category you have chosen, you may be required to fill in some other details, ( hours of operation, price range, tour dates)

  1. Add photos

Here, you are required to add a photo that will positively prepare people for what to expect from your business or service. Be sure to add good photos, because you do not want to lose your customers

  1. Add a call to action

Set up a call to action button, to provide a means to which your customers can be kept abreast with the information they need. Select between signing up for a newsletter, sending them to your website, purchasing a product etc. The call to action button enables you to give a customer what they are searching for when your Facebook page can’t provide it.

  1. Review your settings

Define, who can administer your page, where the page is visible, what words are banned from the page, where the page is visible, etc. Here you can manage your page and organize how you want your audience to interact with it.

  1. Set up activities on your page

You can invite family and friends to like your page, other channels you operate on can also be used to promote the page, e.g. website, Twitter. Add “follow us” logos on your promotional materials and/ or email signature. Your customers can also be asked to review you on Facebook if you are comfortable with it.

There you have it, your Facebook page has just been created, start connecting with family and friends and other Facebook communities.


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