Facebook Pages Manager App for Android is a stand-alone app that gives you access to manage your Facebook Page, thru your phone. Stay informed and respond to customers immediately with the Facebook Pages Manager for Android. With it, you can control your Facebook page without being directly connected to your personal Facebook account.

facebook pages manager

This app is simple to use, the main wall displays the same information it does on the original app, but it also includes the option to view insights and statistics about your post. Page status can be updated, photos added, and filter posts not normally seen through the web app and standard Facebook app.

The Facebook Pages Manager App for Android is good for users who have their own page or multiple pages they manage because it uses the same interface as the Facebook app.

Some of its unique features include;

Features if Facebook Pages Manager for Android

  • Mobile Posting: This enables you to post updates, and manage your page, without making use of a computer
  • Messages: With this, you can reply to messages that your customers send to your page.
  • Facebook and Instagram: Your accounts can be linked, to manage Facebook messages, comments on your posts and Instagram comments in one inbox.
  • Push Notification: Receive alerts concerning important activities, and view all of your page notifications in one place.
  • Insights: Keep track of promotions, stats and activities on your page, so you can better build your business.

Facebook Pages Manager for Android, is the official Facebook Page management tool. After this app is installed on your Android device, it can be used to manage all the content on your Facebook pages and see all relevant information from the comfort of your device.

This app, enables you to post and reply to comments with your Page profile (instead of the user). Tags can also be added to posts you want to receive notifications for, upload photos and albums, save a profile and cover photos, post comments on an event page, and much more.

Thanks to the Facebook Pages Manager App for Android, you can also add admins to your Pages. This enables several users to manage the content of a single Facebook page.


  • With it, you can manage multiple pages
  • Get to view analytics
  • Get notified immediately about the new activities on your pages
  • Update and reply to PMs sent to you and also view your latest pages insights
  • Schedule a post, that you would like to appear later and stay abreast of any activity happening on Facebook.


  • Specific use
  • Not really necessary for basic user.

How to Download the Facebook Pages Manager App for Android

Android users who wish to download the Facebook Pages Manager App for Android, can do so by navigating to the Google Play store to download the app.


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