A new feature has been introduced by Facebook. It is the Facebook security feature, this is designed to help you identify and beef up yourself against unauthorized attempts to steal your data, and account hijacking.

Facebook Security

With this feature, Facebook has started listing every email it has “recently” sent to you within the settings menu on the site.

This Facebook security feature, enables users work out whether or not they have legally received a message from the company by viewing the new “see recent emails from Facebook” section at the bottom of the security and login page.

Facebook Security – Guidelines To Secure Your Facebook Account

Follow the following guidelines to secure your Facebook account;

  1. Sign into your account. Select the gear icon in the top-right corner, tap privacy settings and thereafter choose Timeline and Tagging in the left pane

Next, tap View As to the right of “Review what other people see on your timeline” in the “Who can see things on my timeline”? Section. Tap OK to close the pop-up window, if essential. This makes your timeline appear as the public sees it.

If your timeline access has been limited to friends only, the public will see only your profile and cover photos, a link for contacting you (which you can limit to friends of friends), the people you are following, and the groups you belong to. To then view your profile, as a particular person sees it, tap View as Specific Person at the top of the window and fill in the person’s name.

To make a change on who can view your timeline, go back to Facebook’s Timeline and Tagging settings and tap Edit to the right of “Who can see posts you’ve been tagged in on your timeline?”? and “Who can see what others post on your timeline”? Make your choice for each setting on their drop-down menus and then tap “Close”.

  • Browse securely, this has been set on default for all users by Facebook. To be sure, that you are using a secure connection whenever one is available, tap “security” in the left pane of Facebook’s Account Settings and be sure Secure Browsing is enabled.

Log-in notifications and approvals are enabled by the security settings, and you can also view and edit your recognized devices and active sessions. To remove a device, tap “Edit” to the right and thereafter Remove next to the device’s entry.

To end one or all active Facebook sessions, tap “Edit” to the right if Active Sessions and select “End Activity” or “End All Activity”, respectively.

  • Access can be restricted to your past and future Facebook posts. Tap “Privacy” in the left pane of the Account Settings. Then select Limit Past Posts under “Who can see my posts” and Edit to the right of “Who can see your future posts” in the same section. A warning will appear when you attempt to limit access to all your past posts at once rather than changing the setting post by post.

The options under “Who can contact me” enables you to limit friends request and filter the messages you receive. Restrictions can also be placed on who can look you up by e-mail address and phone number, who can access your timeline by name, and if your timeline will link to search engines.

  • You can also block friends from adding to your timeline and review photos someone attempts to tag you in thru the Timeline and Tagging Settings. Two options for “Who can post to my Timeline?” under “Who can add things to my timeline” are Friends and Only Me. To enable review of posts you are tagged in before they appear on your timeline, tap Edit to the right of the entry and choose Enable in the drop-down menu.

Under “How can I manage tags, people add and tagging suggestions, you can allow the feature that enables you to review tags people add to your own posts before they appear. You can also set who besides the normal audience sees your posts you’re tagged in. And also decide, if tag suggestions appear when photos that look like you are uploaded.

  • Review your Facebook app permissions, by tapping Apps in the left pane of the Account Settings window, select Edit to the right of the app’s entry, and either change the app’s visibility thru the drop-down menu or tap “Remove app” at the rear of the entry.

To block other Facebook users from volunteering your information to the Facebook apps they use, tap Edit to the right of “Apps others use”. Uncheck the categories of information listed, and tap save changes.

  • Opt out of Facebook ads, by tapping ads in the left pane of the Account Settings window, and select Edit in the Third Party Sites section. Choose “No one” in the drop-down menu under “If we allow this in the future, show my information to” and then tap save changes.

You can exclude your self from Facebook’s social ads, by tapping Edit in the Ads & Friends section, tap “No one” on the drop-down menu, close to “Pair my social actions with ads for”, and choose to save changes.

I guess the above info was very helpful. If these Facebook security tips are well applied I’m sure your Facebook account is almost unhackable. Facebook Security presently must be taken seriously because the rate at which peoples account are been hacked is seriously increasing. In the nearest futures, we will be coming up with more information that will make the internet safer for you


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