Facebook Sign up To identify with Facebook, the world’s no 1 social media platform, an intending user needs to “Sign Up” on the platform to enjoy its services.

Facebook Sign Up

Facebook Sign up means to create an account, ( i.e.) making your identity known to enable you to connect with your friends and family and other people you know.

Facebook Signing Up enables a user share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.

For an intending user who wishes to “Sign Up” with the ever-growing team of Facebook, “Sign Up” is free and takes only a couple of minutes.

Steps to Facebook Sign UP

Let’s now take you thru the required “Sign Up” steps;

Facebook Sign Up – How To Create Facebook Account

  1. Visit the Facebook homepage and open it (Note) You have to be 13 years of age to sign up for a Facebook account. Also, you can only create one Facebook account per email address.
  2. Fill in your information on the Facebook homepage, this includes; your First name, Last name, Email address, Password, Birthday and Gender. Your real name must be used during Facebook sign up for your account. Though “Nicknames” are allowed as long as they are a variation on your real name.
  3. Tap the “Sign Up” button, if all your information is accurate, you will be sent a verification email to the above address you provided.
  4. Open the verification email sent to you, it may take few minutes for the email to be delivered. Tap the link in the email to activate your account.

How To Create Your Facebook Profile

Once you’re done with the first Facebook sign up steps, you need to create a profile. This will enable you to upload a Facebook profile picture which enables other users to identify who you are.

Below are some quick steps that will enable you to create your Facebook profile;

  1. Upload a profile picture; this is the first thing to do after your account has been created.
  2. Add friends; you can start your search by using people’s name or email, import your contact lists. Also, invite friends who are currently not using Facebook. Once you’ve located someone you want to add, you will need to send friend request. Once the person accepts your request, he/she will be added to your friend list.
  1. Manage your privacy settings; this feature enables you to set up your privacy settings to prevent the wrong people from seeing your post or some personal Info.

Using Your Newly Created Facebook Account

  1. You can now share and post to your own timeline or post to your friend’s timelines, also content can be shared from elsewhere on the internet, this includes links, images, and
  2. You can also start chatting with people on your friend list, even if the person you are chatting with, is not online, once they log in, your message will be received.
  3. Photos can be uploaded to your profile and shared with friends and family. Single photos or organized photo albums can be uploaded.
  4. Your Facebook account can now be used to create events and invite people. You can also set the date and time, enter a location, make posts for people that will be attending, and also invite specific people.

Once all these steps have been taken and you’ve completed your Facebook sign up processes, you can start enjoying all that Facebook has to offer.


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