The Facebook Video call app is an easy to use and simple app. Its video call features, enable you to see your friends, relatives and loved ones in real time. Also with this app, video messages can be left any time to any of your contacts.

Facebook Video Call

Facebook video call, is a communication plugin, that sets video chats on Facebook, enabling users to talk while at the same seeing their friend. It is a software that uses the Skype technology thus enabling direct video chat from Facebook.

 Facebook Video Call App Pros

  • It is easy to install and ready to use
  • Free of charge to download for Facebook users
  • Offers real-time video chatting and responses
  • You can leave a message, when your contact is not available
  • The people you are communicating with are seen live
  • It offers a cheaper mode of communication

Facebook Video Call App Cons

  • Tends to lag where network is slow
  • It is only available for Facebook users
  • Requires internet connection for use
  • You and your friend must have a working webcam.

Facebook Video Call App Features

  • Enables Face to Face video calls
  • Adds emoticons to your conversations
  • Has a video call button at the top of the chat window
  • You can leave a video message if your friend doesn’t respond
  • It uses Skype technology.

How to Use the Facebook Video Calling App

  • Go to Facebook’s video calling page. Click to get started. Note, you won’t be prompted to do video calling setup until you actually try to initiate a call. Calling is pretty straightforward. You can tap the video camera icon in the chat window ( as long as your friend is online)
  • After you try to start your first call, you will be prompted to do your initial setup. Once you tap Set Up, a file is downloaded and runs on your computer before you can proceed.
  • If they don’t have it set up, you have to wait for your friend to set up video calling too
  • Now that you and your friend both have the video calling set up, a pop-up window appears when you initiate a call
  • After you see each other, the call does not need much effort from you anymore.

Hovering over your video, displays which video camera and microphone are being used, magnifies the video of yourself and enables you minimize, go full-screen, or end the call. The video can also be clicked and dragged around the screen.

How to Install the Facebook Video Call App

  • To get started, both you and your friend need to have a webcam installed in your computer. But if your friend does not have a webcam, they can still see you and hear your voice, but you can only hear them speak.
  • Once a plug in has been downloaded, a new icon appears on the top of the bar of all your chat windows. When tapped, a new window is displayed and in few seconds, your friend’s face appears on your screen. You only need to adjust the volume, and you are ready to interact with each other.


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