Facebook Likes – You can garner as many likes as you wish for your personal posts on the Facebook social media platform, as long as you know what to do with your personal posts to get them. Here we take you thru quick steps of how to garner likes on your personal posts on Facebook.

Facebook Likes

  1. To get more Facebook Likes on your personal posts, you need to post often. Doing this, increases your visibility on people’s timeline, thus making people look out for your posts, especially if your known for posting interesting and funny status updates. Once you can get people to view your posts, you can be sure of the Likes, you are likely going to get.

Note: Posting too often too, may get people tired, not to mention clogging up their feeds which may lead to people hiding your post from their timeline and ultimately unfriend you. Since this is not what you want, but Facebook likes, post at most 1 to 2 post a day to increase other user’s Facebook engagement.

  1. Post more of videos and photos that can captivate the minds of people. People are more likely to appreciate videos and photos posted to wordy posts. To get more Facebook likes on this, add a comment that entices people to watch the video and photo that you have posted.

You can also tag friends and acquaintance’s in pictures to garner more likes.

  1. Make your post on Facebook as short and sweet as possible. Sweet short posts are more likely to garner more likes than long wordy status updates. Thus using amusing anecdotes or concise updates on the subject matter is likely going to give you more likes.

Also if you own a blog, you can also share this link of your posts on Facebook, and once you are known to post good interesting posts, people will be inclined to click thru this link through to your blog.

  1. Get more Facebook likes by asking interactive, and engaging questions with your Facebook friends. You can also request for the opinion of others, help or recommendations.

Note, do not ask tough questions that will take people’s time to answer, and make your questions as simple as possible to answer. Be sure to give a swift response to the answers people give, as this will encourage them to help you out next time you need help.

  1. Like other people’s post to open the floor for them to like yours also. People most times respond to people who respond to them, thus by liking what others post, you create a channel for more likes for yourself.

Note, be careful of the posts you like, especially if the person is not a close acquaintance to you because you wouldn’t want to like something that is causing another person grief.

  1. Get funny by posting things that make people laugh or smile if you want to be rewarded with likes.
  2. Avoid posts that are solely meant to attract attention to yourself, or those that tend to garner sympathy as this most times does not go down well with the Facebook crowd.
  3. Time your posts, and keep them coming at strategic times of the day. Avoid posting at unsociable hours of the day when people are probably busier or too tired to read your post, as this will give you fewer likes.


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