A Hacked Facebook account can be very discomforting, because it does not only deny you access to your account most times but can also make public your private information to an intruder. Thus we provide a guide on how to get back your Hacked Facebook account.

Hacked Facebook Account

Here are The Ways To Recover Hacked Facebook account

Double check to be sure your account has been hacked: If suspicious activities is being noticed on your Facebook accounts, such as changes to your name, birthday, email address or password, newly sent friend request or messages to people you don’t know, post appearing on your timeline, that you didn’t post etc. Then proceed to the upper right-hand corner of your Facebook page and tap on the arrow there, so that the drop-down menu appears.

Tap on “Settings”, and a new menu pops up. Select the security option,  where you’re logged in. If a login appears from a device you that you do not recognize, then your account may just have been hacked.

Use the “End Activity” button to end every unauthorized activity on your page: Tap End Activity next to the device login that you don’t recognize. This will log the intruder out of your account temporarily. This keeps the intruder at bay and enables you to regain and secure control over your account.

Inform your contacts:  Inform your contacts of the account hack and advise them not to trust any links or install any apps that you had sent to them, thru-wall postings, Facebook messages or Facebook email, whilst your account was being handled by the intruder.

Change your Facebook password: If your password has not yet been changed by the intruder, then you can easily change it. Tap the same arrow you did when verifying for suspicious logins, select General on the left-hand menu, and have your password edited from here.

If you use the same password for multiple sites, it’s best to change all them as your other sites may be in danger too.

Reset your password, if it has already been changed by the intruder: Tap the “Forgot Your Password” link underneath the Facebook login. You will be required to provide information to identify yourself, this includes an email address, you used to register with Facebook, phone number associated with your account, Facebook username, or your name and the name of your Facebook friends. This last option is adjudged to be the best if you notice changes on any of your profile information.

Report your hacked account: If your hacked account is sending out ads or spam, you must report your account as being compromised. After the report, further instructions will be given to you by Facebook to resolve the problem.

Look out for malicious apps: After you have control of your account again, proceed to same “Settings” menu where you checked for suspicious logins or changed your password, and tap on the Apps option in the left-hand menu. Go thru the list and check for any apps you didn’t add yourself, and tap the X next to them to have them removed.

Get your Facebook account secured: To achieve this, use a unique password for Facebook, preferably one not used on other sites, log out of Facebook when using a shared computer, run antivirus software on your computer, be careful about the links you tab and the apps and files you download.


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