Learn How To Sell On Etsy and What To Sell On Etsy – Etsy is a creative ecommerce platform for creative entrepreneurs and lovers of art. Etsy store platform has brought in place a market space, service and economic opportunity for craftsmen. Today, the platform has up to 30 million active users that have created an accessible community. Where people from all over the world connect both online and offline in order to buy, sell and exchange ideas.

sell on etsy

Signing up on Etsy is free for both buyers and sellers. Though a token fee is charged when a user starts running a shop on the platform. This fee is only a $0.20 for things like listing an item and the charge runs on that same item for up to 4 months. Also, any additional quantity of the same item in a bulk sale attracts the same amount for each item.

There are other fees that are billed to a seller’s account and they include:

  • Private listing for same $0.20 but will be charged only when the item is purchased
  • For every sales transaction, Etsy charges a 3.5% off the total amount
  • For_every payment processing made through Etsy
  • For postage and shipping label charges and
  • $15/month for pattern site sales

Steps On How To Sell On Etsy Shop Online

Having these different charges in mind, listed below are the steps on how to sell on Etsy shop online

  1. Open your Etsy shop by clicking on “Sell On Etsy” from the site’s homepage.
  2. Specify your shop language, country and shop name
  3. Create a listing of the products you want to sell
  4. Pick a payment method from the options provided
  5. Add billing info and shipping plans
  6. Upload a cover photo for your shop
  7. Create your shops about me section
  8. Section the items in your shop for ease of access by potential buyers

After setting up your marketplace under the Etsy umbrella, you should optimize your shop and listed items. The optimization will help your shop pop up on search engines when other users search for items in that category.

Marketing and branding your products will also allow you the space to reach out to more buyers. You can also qualify for the “Etsy Sellers Protection Policy” when you follow best practices to manage your shop.

What To Sell On Etsy Stor online

The Etsy platform has an enormous 40 million listed items existing in its database all from registered creatives all around the world. These housed items from creative entrepreneurs don’t limit your chances of finding the perfect market space for you.

Not sure on what products you want to house on your Etsy shop or pattern site, check the list below. Generally, the platform has items listed under these categories

  • Handmade Goods
  • Craft Produce and
  • Vintage Items

So as a creative, you want to consider items that you enjoy spending your time on/with. This choice could fall under items that are on trend; items that can be recycled into another craft; item that will bring in massive profit; items that might never go out of sale; or items that has a flexible growth potential.

Though your options aren’t limited to these, you can also source out vintage item. Possibly from creatives all over the world and bring these items close to home.

Etsy Seller App – Use Etsy Seller App To Sell on Esty

The app is called “Sell On Etsy”. This is a mobile app designed to ease the daily Etsy activities for sellers. With this Etsy app in place, sellers can

  • Check their dashboard for all pending and completed activities
  • Helps Check stats to know if and when their traffic increases or decreases
  • Check their orders for shipment dates, add tracking details, contact buyers, print receipts, etc.
  • Carry out instant messaging with a client or customer support and save quick responses
  • Add and manage their various listings
  • View their shops for reviews and setting update
  • …and lots more

The sell on Etsy app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is also updated every now and then to help improve user experience. As a seller, you can easily be on-the-go with your buyers using the Etsy app.


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