How To Sell On Amazon – Amazon is one of the greatest electronic retailers today and they are wholly into a variety of items. They market goods from household items, to electronics, apparels, books, furniture, foods, etc.

how to sell on Amazon

This is why so many vendors today take to Amazon to sell their crafts and products. As such, to become a seller on Amazon there are a few steps that you can follow. Before I put you through on how to sell on Amazon let show you how to set an Amazon sell account

  1. Login to your Amazon account or Sign in directly to your sellers account from the Amazon homepage.
  2. Click on the “start selling” option and specify the kind of seller you want to be. There are usually two options: individual seller and professional seller.
  3. A form will be displayed when you submit the kind of seller you want to be. You get to fill in your seller profile information: from credit card details, business name, billing address, etc.
  4. Verify your details and phone number on the next screen and
  5. Click on the register button to complete set up.

Steps on How To Sell on Amazon

While this is all you need to set up your Amazon seller account, there are a few other requirements before you can start selling on Amazon. They are as follows: Now here is how to sell on Amazon

  1. Create a listing for the different products you want to sell.
  2. Search the Amazon database for these items and click on the “sell yours here” option.
  3. Specify the condition(s) of the ready to sell items.
  4. Next Specify the price tag for each item.
  5. Specify the quantity of stock you have.
  6. Specify your preferred shipping methods and conditions.
  7. Submit your listing.

How To Sell On Amazon is never going to be a big deal after you have rightfully follow the above steps.

What To Sell On Amazon

Deciding on what to sell on Amazon can turn out to be a big challenge. The platform itself is a massive marketplace for any kind of vendor and sellers in every niche. This is why you have to think of what you want to sell first even before creating your sellers account. But if you find yourself at a point where you feel stuck on taking a decision, listed below is a list of pointers:

  • Use Amazon Reviews: To find the exact market space you need and can thrive in.
  • Go For Products With Less Review: This way when you start selling, your items will pop up at the first page of any direct or related search.
  • Invest In Consumable Products: Products like food items don’t ever go out of sale no matter the season or reason and this might be the market space you’ve been looking for.
  • Use Affiliate Sites: If you’ve made a final decision, there’s nothing wrong with testing how the niche will thrive for you by using affiliate sites.
  • Popular Brand Categories: Stay away from categories of products that has known brands making waves in them already.
  • Use Amazon Tools: Amazon tools like the
  • Amazon associates account
  • Amazon sellers account
  • Ahrefs account
  • Junglescout account

will help you prepare your online store and evaluate possible outcomes.

Amazon Seller App – How To Sell On Amazon

Amazon launched its Seller mobile app in 2014 so that individual and professional vendors can expand their businesses even more. With this mobile app in place, they can reach the company’s millions of shoppers and B2B marketers on the Amazon site.

The app, simply called Amazon Seller brings a lot of tools and expansion capabilities for these sellers. They can search and scan barcodes of items, manage their orders, check prices and view pending shipments. They can also view sales ranking and reviews, list items, as well as communicate with customers.

Before the Amazon Seller app was created, third-party applications like SellerMobile was used by sellers to carry out their everyday transactions. But this service was provided on a monthly/yearly subscription basis. Till date, these third-party apps have more advanced features compared to the Amazon Seller. But the Amazon seller has brought about a whole new level of ease and reduced operation cost to sellers.

Amazon continues to improve the Amazon Seller App to ease business management functions. As a seller on Amazon, this tool is a very handy one and can be downloaded on both android and apple stores.


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