Walmart Credit Card – Walmart is a huge American multinational retail company. They have a huge number of discount stores, grocery stores and hypermarkets.  It can boast of over 11,000 stores and clubs in about 59 countries worldwide.

Walmart Credit Card

Walmart only offers two credit card options, the Walmart Credit Card and the Walmart Mastercard.

Walmart cards require customers to open Walmart accounts to qualify. Walmart MasterCards are accepted everywhere MasterCards are accepted. The Walmart credit card, on the other hand, is only accepted in Walmart stores, clubs and affiliates.

The Walmart cards are perfect for people who want to build up their credit scores. It also makes the most sense for customers who shop at Walmart online and physical stores and use walmart gas stations.

Some of the Walmart card rewards include:

  • Sign up bonus
  • 3% Bonus cashback rates
  • in-store financing
  • No annual fee

Walmart Credit Card Rates

The Walmart credit card has a standard rate of 23.15% per purchase

But the Walmart Mastercard is calculated based on the customer’s credit card scores.

  • Walmart Account Type 1: gives a 17.5% APR on purchases and 20.15% on cash advances
  • Walmart account type 2: This gives a 20.15% and 23.15% APR on purchases and cash advances respectively.
  • Walmart Account Type 3: this gives holders a 23.15% and 26.15% APR on purchases and cash advances respectively.

While you cannot make a cash advance on a regular ATM with the Walmart credit card. You can, however, withdraw from a Walmart cash register after making a purchase with the card.

To apply for the Walmart card you can do it in-store which qualifies you for a free 2-liter soda. Or do it online which potentially gives you $25 purchase credit on your first transaction.

Walmart also gives a $75 e-gift card when you open a credit card online.

The credit card limit for the Walmart card can get as low as $75 making it ideal for customers with low credit scores.

Card limit can also get as high as $20,000 for the Walmart card depending on credit score.

An increase in card limit upon show of good faith and practices by the customer is also possible.

Walmart Card Login

Your Walmart card can also be managed online at walmart login.

On this site you can view your transactions, balance and manage all your expenses while on the go.

This makes it easy for customers to monitor and access everything ongoing in their account. Making it easier to flag errors or problems with card spending.

Advantages Of Walmart Card

  • Open to people with credit scores as low as 550
  • They report to all three credit bureaus giving you credit score options
  • Walmart usually approves of a credit limit increases after about 6 months of regular payments
  • Credit limit increase is also based on soft-pull so inquiries do not affect your score
  • Easy to build up credit while gaining sweet rewards on the side

The Walmart cards offer innumerable advantages and rewards especially for frequent Walmart users. And is a good step towards being financially responsible.


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